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Alex Maxamenko

SS2020 Louis Vuitton Purple/Cyan Blue Trail Sneakers

SS2020 Louis Vuitton Purple/Cyan Blue Trail Sneakers

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(FOR SALE) A pair of Spring Summer 2020 Louis Vuitton Purple/Cyan Blue Trail Sneakers.

Virgil Abloh’s time at the helm of Louis Vuitton will go down in history as a significant benchmark for fashion as a whole. Abloh’s era of greatness at Louis Vuitton will forever be commemorated by the love for the legacy he’s left behind. Virgil’s artistic choices in runway presentation brought so much excitement back to a brand that was losing a core consumer basis, wisely hand picking artists of influence to model. A voice that perfectly spoke to a younger audience, Virgil Abloh’s presence at Louis Vuitton was an era I’m sure many will regard with fond memories.

This particular pair of sneakers from their Spring Summer 2020 collection is an amazing display of the versatility Louis Vuitton has allowed themselves in terms of their marketing/direction. Creating a hiking style shoe with colors this bold, in addition the monogram elements such as a Louis Vuitton luggage tag on the sneaker done in a translucent plastic would otherwise have been heavily rejected. Coming with a suede upper and practical rubberized sole, these runners are best suited for a size US 9.5-10 (EU 42.5-43) and are in fantastic overall condition. Here is the opportunity to purchase a tiles pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers from their Spring Summer 2020 collection..

Best suited for US size 9.5-10 (EU 42.5-43)
(Tagged LV size 7.5)


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