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Alex Maxamenko

SS2005 Undercover But Beautiful Store Display Bean Bag Chair

SS2005 Undercover But Beautiful Store Display Bean Bag Chair

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(FOR SALE) A Spring Summer 2005 Undercover ‘But Beautiful’ Store Display Skull Print Bean Bag Chair.

Inspired by the works of Czechoslovakian surrealist Jan Svankmajer’s contemporary art piece, the art is meant to “Evoke a feeling of uncanniness and emotion be it positive or negative,” Svankmajer’s grotesque reinterpretations of utopian settings span lengths of entire collages. Utilized on this particular chair and a handful of pieces from the “But Beautiful” collection, Jun Takahashi’s implementation of this print was masterfully executed.

This particular bean bag chair is I believe a 1/1 store exclusive, used only as a display piece to promote the Spring Summer 2005 ‘But Beautiful’ collection. Throughout all my years of buying and selling clothes, I’ve only seen one other Undercover bean-bag chair for sale, which was again, a promotional piece used as an in-store display. Lined with the likeness of Svankmajer’s twisted yet beautiful collage print, this bean bag chair is an incredibly rare oddity, outranking the infamous ‘Witches Cell Division’ cross rugs in terms of exclusivity, given this chair was never available to the public until now. In fantastic overall condition, here is the opportunity to purchase a true collector's holy grail from Jun Takahashi’s Spring Summer 2005 ‘But Beautiful’ presentation.

Length: 32 inches
Width: 32 inches
Height: 12 inches


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