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Alex Maxamenko

Spring Summer 2024 Kapital ‘Gypsy Flare’ Two Tone Denim

Spring Summer 2024 Kapital ‘Gypsy Flare’ Two Tone Denim

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(FOR SALE) A pair of Spring Summer 2024 Kapital ‘Gypsy Flare’ Two Tone Denim. 

Founded in 2002 by father son duo, Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata, Kapital is a label pushing traditional Japanese craft to new limits. Rooted in denim repair, the label continues to reimagine classic Western staples through an Eastern eye, using rigorous technical ability to create highly unique silhouettes. Toshikiyo’s insight on denim in combination with Kirata’s youthful perspective drives Kapital in a unique manner, catering to a wide audience while ensuring experimentation. Growing to unfathomable heights, the two now stand at one of Japan’s leading luxury brands with decades ahead of them. 

Pulling heavy inspiration from vintage American flared bell bottom shapes, Kiro Hiratas tasteful reference into hippie culture shines through with this piece. Utilizing an older four pocket layout, these jeans have a massive flared leg opening meant to topple and stack over your choice of footwear. With a two tone color split between brown and a tan color, these jeans are a 36 inch waist and are in perfect overall condition. Here is the opportunity to purchase a beautiful pair of Kapital denim from their most recent season. 



Waist: 36 inches 

Inseam: 34 inches 

Rise: 13 inches 

Thigh: 13 inches 

Knee: 11 inches 

Leg opening: 13 inches 

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