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Alex Maxamenko

Spring Summer 2004 Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas 3 Stripe ‘Slash’ Selvedge Denim

Spring Summer 2004 Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas 3 Stripe ‘Slash’ Selvedge Denim

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(FOR SALE) A pair of Spring Summer 2004 Y-3  Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas 3 Stripe ‘Slash’ Selvedge Denim.

Yohji Yamamoto’s interest in fashion peaked at an early age, exposed to the creation of garments through his mother’s work as a dressmaker. Yamamoto attended Keio University in 1966, not for fashion but instead to pursue a career in law. Shortly after his graduation, Yamamoto realized his heart was far more invested in fashion than pursuing a traditional career. Yohji Yamamoto asked to apprentice alongside his mother at the dressmaking shop, learning to sew from assistants and later joining Bunka Fashion College, one of the most esteemed programs for fashion in Japan. Maintaining relevancy and building his eponymous label for over fifty years, Yohji Yamamoto pioneered an avant-garde anti-fashion aesthetic, draping his signature noir looks with incredible detail to cut. To this day, Yamamoto remains one of the best active designers from generations past, continuing to perfect his craft.

This particular pair of jeans from Yamamoto’s second year collaborating with Adidas under the name Y-3 are an iconic pair for not only for their design but for what they symbolize. Y-3 was a breaking of barriers for Adidas and to make jeans, as a sportswear company was in complete opposition to anything that Adidas had done before. Now, this pivotal move has opened the doors for larger deals like the Balenciaga collaboration and allowed Adidas to expand their overall horizon as a company. This was a first, which makes these jeans so historically significant. Coming in a size 32 waist, these raw selvedge jeans are in great overall condition with no flaws. Here is the opportunity to purchase a historical pair of Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas 3 Stripe Selvedge Denim, released 20 years ago.




Waist: 32 inches
Inseam: 32 inches

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