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Alex Maxamenko

PPFM Denim Double Skull Boiler Suit

PPFM Denim Double Skull Boiler Suit

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(FOR SALE) A 2000’s PPFM Denim ‘Double Skull’ Boiler Suit.

Founded in 1985, PPFM is a Japanese collective label that was unfortunately brought to a close in 2014. Only providing a physical retail experience for their customers despite the world revolting into a digital age was a hinderance to the brand, but nonetheless has allowed for exclusivity and niche interest for PPFM to grow due to it’s out of reach proximity. PPFM, or ‘Peyton Place for Men’ operated under many different acronyms to accommodate their mode of style. Marked as Peaceful Place for Military and Power People FM to name a few, the information I’ve been capable of gathering comes from and @gasmansgarments . 🫂

This particular denim boiler suit is a prime example of PPFM alongside many Japanese labels of the time referencing Western music culture directly in the piece. Pulling from Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ song lyrics on the front right side, this denim one piece features embroidered skull logo branding on both sides of the chest. This piece is a tagged size medium and is in pristine overall condition with no flaws whatsoever. Here is the opportunity to purchase an insane PPFM denim jumpsuit for an outstanding price.

Size: Medium
Model is 5’10 for reference.


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