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Alex Maxamenko

LGB ‘Afghan’ Lambskin Leather Brown Fur Jacket

LGB ‘Afghan’ Lambskin Leather Brown Fur Jacket

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(FOR SALE) An LGB ‘Afghan’ Lambskin Leather Brown Fur Jacket.

 LGB, otherwise known as Le Grand Bleu was founded by designer and songwriter/singer Nobuhiko Sato. Also the creator of sister brand If Six Was Nine, Sato’s patented ‘Gypsy Rockstar’ crust punk aesthetic was a unique blend of the fashion around him in his Kyoto upbringing, alongside inspiration from the Western world of music and culture happening abroad. In recent years, LGB has started to explode in popularity, coming into a more mainstream light as people continue to scour the internet for unique and individualistic brands of both our past and present. 

 This incredible LGB ‘Afghan’ jacket leans into the rockstar aesthetic presented in the brand ideology. Coming in a beautiful dark brown, this jacket is accented with massive fur trim that extends outwards, creating a lions mane of a trim around the wearer’s neck. Transitioning to a wool composition on the sleeves, this jacket comes equipped with thumbholes for the wearer’s comfort and practicality having such elongated sleeves. Best suited for a slim men’s medium, this piece is in fantastic overall condition with minimal wear. 



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