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Alex Maxamenko

Kadoya ‘Hammer’ Armoured Calfskin Leather Gloves

Kadoya ‘Hammer’ Armoured Calfskin Leather Gloves

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(FOR SALE) A pair of Kadoya ‘Hammer’ Silver Studded Calfskin Leather Gloves.


Kadoya stands tall as the oldest leather jacket manufacturer in Japan. Founded by Shojiro Fukano in 1935, the company’s establishment precedes World War II by 6 years, specializing in repair, dye, and tailoring. The brand has been rooted in Asakusa since debut, and often serviced American soldiers that were stationed in the East. From Tabi’s to obscure dying processes and special requests, customization remains a cornerstone of the brand’s ethos, encouraged by staff and tailors alike. Kadoya’s commitment to quality blends effortlessly with an acute eye for design, making for some of Japan’s best outerwear to date.


This particular pair of ‘Hammer’ gloves  are designed specifically for the safety and protection of the wearer, with its metal studs allowing for the rider to slide upon ground impact, rather than ripping up fabric and skin. Kadoya incredibly blurs the lines between functionality and fashion, pairing beautifully weathered calfskin leather against polished steel knuckle detailing, adding their signature branding as the centerpiece of each fist. In fantastic overall condition with only minimal wear, here is the opportunity to purchase a gorgeous pair of ‘Hammer’ gloves from heritage Japanese leather goods manufacturer Kadoya Leathers.

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