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Alex Maxamenko

Hysteric Glamour Snake Print White/Black Denim

Hysteric Glamour Snake Print White/Black Denim

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(FOR SALE) A Hysteric Glamour snake print button down shirt. Nobuhiko Kitamura, like many Japanese designers of his time have an extreme infatuation with American culture following their post World War II presence. Kitamura’s fascination with Western ideology lead him to the creation of Ozone Layer, which eventually pitted when Kitamura’s attention was diverted to Hysteric Glamour.

This particular pair of denim features the iconic 1998 snake print, a pattern that Hysteric Glamour would later become infamously known for. This extremely rare white inverse patterned pair features a black snake print spiralling up each leg. This women’s pair comes in a 24 inch waist and are in fantastic overall condition. Here is the opportunity to purchase one of Hysteric Glamour’s most iconic pieces from the early 2000’s.

Waist: 24 inches
Inseam: 26 inches
Rise: 10.5 inches
Thigh: 10 inches
Knee: 7.25 inches
Leg opening: 5.75 inches

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