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Alex Maxamenko

Hysteric Glamour Hagi Washed Black Flare Cut Denim

Hysteric Glamour Hagi Washed Black Flare Cut Denim

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(FOR SALE) A pair of Vintage Hysteric Glamour ‘Hagi’ Washed Black Flare Cut Denim.

Hysteric Glamour, founded by Nobuhiko “Nobu” Kitamura in 1984, has prospered through the ties of both luxury and streetwear for over four decades. Beginning his career at the youth-oriented fashion label “Ozone Community”, Nobu quickly became obsessed with the tropes of Western culture. Taking this newfound inspiration, he left his position and embarked on a sole journey under namesake “Hysteric Glamour”. First rising to fame in the local Harajuku scene, the label would eventually become a staple of Japanese and Americana style, amassing a cult-like following for their distinct street aesthetic.

One of Hysteric Glamour’s most infamous models of pants, the Hagi jeans entail a beautifully stacked layering of patchwork denim strips to create a classic flared cut shape. With loose hanging distressed threads and a signature ‘Kinky’ Hysteric Glamour branded Jacron above the back right pocket, these jeans fit a 27 inch waist. In pristine overall condition with no flaws whatsoever, here is the opportunity to purchase a timeless Hysteric Glamour piece from the brand’s deep rooted history.

Waist: 27 inches
Inseam: 28 inches
Rise: 10 inches
Thigh: 10.5 inches
Knee: 7 inches
Leg opening: 8 inches


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