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Alex Maxamenko

Autumn Winter 2023 Miharayasuhiro ‘Thrash Distressed’ Smoke Grey Cardigan

Autumn Winter 2023 Miharayasuhiro ‘Thrash Distressed’ Smoke Grey Cardigan

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(FOR SALE) An Autumn Winter 2023 Miharayasuhiro ‘Thrash Distressed’ Smoke Grey Cardigan. 

 Mihara Yasuhiro is a Japanese designer and menswear label founded in 1994. His first steps began in the realm of footwear, practicing his skill set for 6 years before pivoting to menswear in the year 2000. Yasuhiro stated the shift of focus was somewhat necessary, often finding himself questioning what would be worn with each shoe, boot or sneaker. For his first seasons, he played with tropes of deconstruction and oversizing, but everything changed in 2005, as the artisan deviated to the European circuit. With a concrete resume of praised collections and refined approach—Mihara Yasuhiro unveiled his own take on traditional menswear, and was met with applause. Meshing either genre, he created his own experimental niche in which he still practices today.

This cardigan is an amazing representation of Mihara Yasuhiro’s work fusing elements of futurism and grunge together, a theme in his design language that he’s continued to lean harder into especially in newer seasons. This sweater features a thrash distressed tattering throughout, yet remains luxurious through its heavyweight composition and thick woven knit. This cardigan is a size large and is in amazing overall condition. Here is the opportunity to purchase a lesser known gem from Mihara Yashuiro’s Autumn Winter 2023 collection.  


Size: Large

Length: 26 inches 

Pit to pit: 25 inches

Shoulder to shoulder: 25 inches 

Sleeve length: 25 inches 



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