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Alex Maxamenko

2013 Comme Des Garçons Akira Tote Bag

2013 Comme Des Garçons Akira Tote Bag

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(FOR SALE) A 2013 Comme Des Garçons Akira Tote Bag 

Founded in 1969, Comme des Garçons is renowned for its avant-garde designs and experimentation with unconventional fabrics, shapes, and textures. Often challenging traditional ideas of gender and incorporating elements of art and architecture, Kawakubo’s thought provoking, all encompassing  label continues to thrive as one of her primary muses for self expression. Expanding in years following to  create an umbrella of sub-designer labels, managed by the CDG Maison, Rei Kawakubo has been steadily maintaining her position as one of the greatest currently active designers.

The iconic 2013 Comme Des Garcons Akira tote bag and magazines. This infamous collaboration between Rei Kawakubo and legendary artist Katsuhiro Otomo featured beautiful illustrations meshing a collage of celebrated images from the wide variety of Otomo’s Japanese anime publications. In addition to this, many of Otomo’s series such as Steamboy, Memories and Akira, were brought to life in the form of CDG branded magazines. Here is the opportunity to purchase both the original tote bag and Akira magazine from the 2013 partnership between Comme Des Garcons and Katsuhiro Otomo.

Tote bag:


Depth: 11 inches

Width: 8 inches

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