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Alex Maxamenko

2007 Prada x LG In Ear Wired Earbuds

2007 Prada x LG In Ear Wired Earbuds

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(FOR SALE) A pair of 2007 Prada x LG In Ear Wired Earbuds.

The partnership between Prada and LG was a landmark collaboration in the world of fashion and technology. Together, the two companies created a series of smartphones that were not only visually striking but also technologically innovative. From the first Prada phone released in 2007, which was one of the first touch screen phones on the market, to the Prada 3.0 in 2012, which featured high-resolution screens and 4G connectivity, these phones set a standard for what luxury fashion accessories could be.

This particular pair of earbuds released alongside their android smartphone features a sleek in ear designer fit, with padded cushioning to comfort the wearer and enhance sound. Branded with silver Prada hits on both arms, this pair of earbuds is in fantastic overall and functional condition. Here’s is the opportunity to purchase a truly nostalgic piece of luxury fashion’s combination with tech design.


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