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Alex Maxamenko

1998 General Research “355” Parasite Multi-Pocket Overalls

1998 General Research “355” Parasite Multi-Pocket Overalls

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An insane pair of 1998 General Research Parasite “355” multi-pocket overalls. General Research is a brand deeply rooted in the creation of practical lifestyle garments. Founded by Setsumasa Kobayashi in 1994, the brand´s short lifespan as General Research was changed to Mountain Research in 2006 due to copyright infringement. Despite having no formal education in fashion, Kobayashi has built a vibrant career, spanning more than 25 years in both accessories and clothing. Delving deep into the minutia of every item he creates, Kobayashi finds a way to meld disparate elements, ranging from the outdoors and military clothing, to classic rock music references. With a highly conceptual lens on fashion, it is no surprise that nature is deeply woven into Kobayashi’s DNA. Splitting his time between Tokyo and his isolated retreat in the Nagano mountains, General Research’s design inspiration comes largely from Kobayashi’s hands-on experience facing the wilderness head-on. As a result, the functionality of the garments created for General Research are built to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast, while remaining just as appealing in appearance.

This pair of overalls from the 1998 Parasite collection is a pristine example of how Kobayashi seamlessly blends practicality and design into his work. Coming in a beautiful walnut brown colour, this garment features over forty pockets, and a removable front tool-belt, inspired by mechanic uniforms. This piece is a size medium with a quite boxy fit, very reminiscent of its era. In pristine overall condition with no flaws whatsoever, here is the opportunity to purchase an extremely rare pair of 1998 General Research Parasite “355” Parasite multi-pocket overalls for an outstanding deal.

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