Comme Des Garcons

Rei Kawakubo stands among few designers that provoked the 1970’s anti-fashion movement. Popularizing rather unflattering cuts while rejecting societal norms, the Japanese designer would precede our current style evolutions with theatrics and avant-garde thinking. Her design philosophy was distilled, sharp, and concise, but only defined one aspect of the rebellious movement. In her neighboring continent, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Vivienne Westwood would ignite a punk revolution in the heart of Britain. Dressing the UK’s outcasts and degenerates, inside her ‘SEX’ shop on King road punk’s godmother would debut the thrashed mohair sweater and her eponymous ‘Seditionaries’ label. Reinterpreted time and time again, the distressed knit returns, now in an array of differing textiles, cuts and pigments of course.